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12 suppositories containing Bravo Yogurt with live strains and GcMAF.

Retail Bravo Suppositories

  • Bravo Europe Probiotic Suppositories serve as an innovative and efficient means to deliver a combination of beneficial, live probiotic strains, whole healthful colostrum, and healing emollients, directly to the lower end of the intestinal tract.

    Research during the last few decades has proven that the intestine is not just a one-way highway to elimination. It contains a rich supply of blood vessels that actively exchange substances, and mucous membranes that harbor vast communities of functional bacteria. A proper balance of microbiota in the gut can support healthy immune function and help protect against disorders as diverse as inflammatory bowel disease, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, periodontal disease, acne, hypertension [Konturek et al 2011], toxic metal overload [Upreti et al 2004], and even affect central nervous system function and psychological mood [Hawrelak and Meyers 2004; Sekirov et al 2010; Daliri and Lee 2015]. The intestine lubricates and facilitates passage of stool, and can also absorb and deliver nutrients, enzymes, medicines, and other herbal substances to and from the circulatory system. In some cases, a substance can be more efficiently absorbed or utilized via targeted rectal delivery than when taken orally, because it bypasses digestion by the strong acids, enzymes, and bile in the stomach, small intestines, and liver [Choonara 1987; Forrest et al 1990; van Hoogdalem et al 1991; Fedorak 2014; Amit-Romach et al 2015]. There are also times when oral administration of probiotics may not be possible, for instance, if a patient is incapable of swallowing because they are nauseous, unconscious, or uncooperative–as in the case of a small child.

    • Store them in the refrigerator.
    • Do NOT freeze them.
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