How do I take Bravo GcMAF Probiotic? Yogurt?

November 13, 2015




Week 1 -    Take 1/4 - 1/2  teaspoon two times daily at quiet times like awakening and at bedtime

                      until  your gut lining is coated which is a few days.   (medicine spoon provided)

Week 2 -   Take 1 tsp to  1 Tbs  two times daily at quiet times.

Week 3 -   Take 2 tsp to 2 Tbs two times daily at quiet times.

Week 4 -   Take 4 TBS (1 oz/small shot glass) two times daily at quiet time. (small cup provided)

Ongoing - Take 1 oz - 2 oz (small shot glass) morning and night


After  a few months of your body having its systems restored, your body will have sufficiently cleaned up the smooth tissues and you can begin to take our Nagalase removal protocol.  Contact Bravo Coop if you are interested.


Also read Shimmer and Flutter post about queasiness and what to expect.


Check the other blog posts for FAQs.  Post questions on the forum!



Things you absolutely need to know:


Put it in the refrigerator.

If either you just made your Bravo or you got some prepared in the mail:  

It must remain refrigerated.  It is good for about 2 weeks. (maybe longer)

unless it is is Miron glass.  Then it is good for 4 weeks.  Because its cultured,

if you accidentally leave it out, it should be okay.  


Don't ingest the powder.  

The powder must be cultured into the liquid yogurt form.  Here is how!


You can make a second generation.  

            After taking Bravo for 4 months and experimenting, I recommend staying with 

            first generation if you can.  However, if you have financial need, it is an option.

            The powder must be cultured into the liquid yogurt form then the yogurt form

            can be used to make more.  Here is how!

            The reason we don't culture out to second generation is that this ratio of probiotics

            is specific in order to get GcMAF.  The various strains over time, eat each other

            which changes the formula, taste