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Save big at the Bravo Co-op

Bravo Co-op is a Buyer's Club!

As a buyer's club, Bravo Co-op is here to split bigger orders into smaller quantities so that you can afford to buy them. Our main purpose is to support you!

Helping you to understand and care for your Bravo Micro-Biome is our PASSION.

We help you by fulfilling your orders, driving to the farm for raw milk, culturing Bravo, supporting the blog, supporting your questions in the forum, and making great adjunct products available to you.

We make our money a bit later when we get to buy larger quantities, share the discount,

and we are not there yet! We support ourselves by giving paid private sessions.

at $2 per minute for a "look see" at you!

GET FREE Bravo Start!

If you and some friends buy four (4) Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt 3-Packs, and split them with your friends, we will give you one (1) single pack free. We will ship them individually and support your friends as well. see more

Support Bravo Co-op

If you want to support Bravo Co-op you can!

  1. Buy your products here! This way, when we get our volume up, we can share a 10% discount with you. Every bit helps.

  2. Post a review about your experiences with Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt

  3. Participate in our forum, read and comment on blogs, and attend our teleconferences!

  4. If it works for you, it will work for others. Tell your friends about how to become more awesome.

  5. Stock Orders! We will be having a Kick-Starter soon. Buy some Bravo on Kick-Starter for 25% off! It will come in at that end of the campaign, It lasts for a year!

  6. Fill our campaign and help us get more people involved in buying Bravo.

  7. The kick starter will help us buy equiptment for capsule production, better quality labels, and push us up on the discount program giving everyone a better price.

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