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Discover the Difference Food Makes

Eating "for your body" appears to be a concept that has yet to be understood by mainstream America.  The jokes about "I am from the Government, I am here to help you" apply to your food too.  No one is looking out for us to make sure that the food in the store is a good idea.  It is not.  Oil is rancid, dairy is ultra pastorized beyond what you body thinks is food.  


If you are eatting what YOU want rather than what your body needs, your body won't have what it needs to make you well.  It will never have the strength to give you the signals that it is in distress large or small.  As you gain weight, loose your capacity to process, move and repair yourself, you will be wondering what happened to you.


What should I eat?  What your body needs!  For now, you need a microbiome.

See our blog posts and our food and mineral based supplements.  Get going with food, water and elimination.  Then get the help you need to find  your foods.

COMMIT 100%!

Why go part way when it comes to what you can do for yourself?  How about you commit 100% and see what happens. Chances are you will run into the stuff that has been slowing you down the whole time!  Stay awake!


If you take Bravo but don't eat well, you will be using Bravo to mop up your dispare and your unwillingness to feel the discomfort.  Feel it!  It is your body talking to you.  Don't, please don't ignore it.  Your cells cant talk but neither can dogs and you know what they want.  Learn!  Take care of yourself 100%.  It won't disappoint!


Speaking of 100%, here is mine.  Right now, we are dependent on a lab to make the Bravo Probiotic.  However,  we have asked some European homeopathic companies to make a remedy to release Nagalace. With that, we would be able to live without the inhibition that we are currently working around.  If you know how, help us to develop our goal.  Be the 100% awesomeness.

Leave the Light on!

I wrote, "Bravo! Leave the Light on!" with a big heart on a post-it to tell my son not to turn off the oven light when I was culturing Bravo at his house.  

The note said it all!  I  adopted it as the tag line of the Bravo Co-op.  It came from such joy and love!  "Look at me!"  He and I  had that celebration a lot together when he was growing up!


Leave the Light on

  • in the oven for Bravo

  • in my heart for self-commitment

  • in my gut to keep the Bravo going

  • in my spiritual practice to keep bringing in the positive energy


Leaving the Light on also means keeping the body fed in positive energy.  That beautiful shimmering, just like the clean mountain water in its little stream or that positive energy like a fire of Spirit coming up from inside our hearts. The "Light on" is a process that we should be paying attention to all the time. (A note to not shut it off can be quite helpful!  :)  

Here comes Bravo!  Keep the Light on!

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