Use the best quality of milk that you can come by.  It needs to be mammal milk not rice milk or almond milk.  Do not use ultrapasturized milk which damages the proteins.  Stay with the most natural, simple milk you can buy. 

You don't need to go "over the...

July 5, 2017

The Secret of Miron Glass

According to the Institute Fraunhofer in Munich (Germany) the radiation in the photosensitive area (app 450nm to 720nm) does not penetrate the VIOLET glass. Amber glass on the other hand lets light through here and in all of the visible areas o...

July 4, 2017

Bravo Co-op is a Buyer's Club!

As a buyer's club, Bravo Co-op is here to split bigger orders into smaller quantities so that you can afford to buy them. Our main purpose is to support you!

Helping you to understand and care for your Bravo Micro-Biome is our PASSION.

We he...