Allergies! Ah Choo!

Lactose Intollerance

Are you lactose intolerant? Perhaps only to processed milk. The enzyme lactase is greatly reduced in processed dairy. Lactase is the enzyme necessary to break down and absorb certain nutrients. The destruction of this essential enzyme in the processing of pasteurized, homogenized milk is an explanation as to why so many people are lactose intolerant – to store-bought milk, that is. As raw milk is abundant in the enzyme lactase, previously intolerant people find that they are able to enjoy raw milk without any of the digestive issues or side effects they suffer when drinking processed milk. In fact, a study done by the Weston A. Price Foundation found that 80% of the 700 families they reviewed stopped having symptoms of lactose intolerance when they switched to raw milk.

Dairy allergies

At, they cite lots of research on allergies to dairy. The articles and research state that the traditional allergies are not present with raw milk.

(This would indicate that the processing is the problem of the irritation. Like microwaved food, the body does not recognize damaged food. Even if that food appears right to our senses.)

If you have dairy allergies, try raw milk if you can take the chance.