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Bravo! Leave the light on!

That's what I wrote on the post-it note that I taped to my son's oven when I made Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt at his house in early October. It meant, leave the physical light on so that the temperature stays constant in the oven and the culture can grow happily overnight.

I was so delighted by what came out of my pen that I instantly adopted it as a tag line for the company's image material. That shimmer of joy I felt as my pen wrote also meant, "Heads up! Something is developing." I was aware of being "taught" by the nature of the energy. "Follow the joy! Watch and learn", is how it felt to me.

I realized that "leave the light on" also meant leave the heart open or the light in my heart shining for all to see. I am intrinsically shy, so opening also meant that the pain will be moving up and out. I was observing myself finally having the energy and security to let it go!

It seemed easier to judge the world, my perfomance, or myself when in truth, I couldn't get any traction. It was a form of constipation and it left me in a foul mood. Bravo is helping me to flutter and shimmer and to keep both the smooth muscles as well as the stale emotions moving. Every day, I am having a few slightly tearful releases. Which were just enough to clear the foul mood. Look at me! I am observing something I have recovered. I am in a better mood, not judging, my skin is clearer and I feel great!

My new tag line also means. . . to keep the Bravo microbiome going inside me. Keep taking Bravo in, refreshing it, and being reverent to my guest. Keeping it maintained, bright and shiny.

I feel like I wil keep learning about "keeing the light on" in an emotional sense too.

1. Fluttering when I am overwhelmed or upset showing me I had responses that weren't working.

2. Heavy feelings started moving through me. It wasn't hard or scary. I just observed them leaving.

3. This subtle movement is sometimes like a shimmer. Until I realized it wasn't so subtle at all.

What did I do (that we all do) to diminish it? 1. I was overwhelmed but didn't have a flutter to tell me I was in trouble.

2. Even though I couldn't feel it, I felt abandoned because I didn't save myself from the stress.

3. As the overwhelm got worse, I began to feel more bleek.

Help wasn't coming. (Oh that's me!) ops!

4. I can just be patient and wait for something to come and make it all right again.

This process can take years and years of "searching"

Or did I just numb myself, over work, spend to much, eat too much? Ops. Ops

Stay just out of range of the pain. Ops again!

Nobody's coming? Really? darn, darn, darn!!! Ops!

Bravo gives me the feeling of strength and the strength to think and feel. I can't tell you how simple and yet how important this is! There is this little fluttering shimmer that lets me know I am alive. Like hummingbird wings. You can't really see 'em but you can but you can't. When they are turned on, the power is undeniable.

Whatever this flutter is inside me, it is undeniable. I am able to stay much, much more present and illuminated. I am getting healthier in ways that my body has tried to do for the past 5 years and couldn't work it out. The emotions that were hard to carry around are gone!

Now I have a new light to keep on; happiness! Bravo! Leave the Light on!

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