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How do I take Bravo GcMAF Probiotic? Yogurt?


Week 1 - Take 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon two times daily at quiet times like awakening and at bedtime

until your gut lining is coated which is a few days. (medicine spoon provided)

Week 2 - Take 1 tsp to 1 Tbs two times daily at quiet times.

Week 3 - Take 2 tsp to 2 Tbs two times daily at quiet times.

Week 4 - Take 4 TBS (1 oz/small shot glass) two times daily at quiet time. (small cup provided)

Ongoing - Take 1 oz - 2 oz (small shot glass) morning and night

After a few months of your body having its systems restored, your body will have sufficiently cleaned up the smooth tissues and you can begin to take our Nagalase removal protocol. Contact Bravo Coop if you are interested.

Also read Shimmer and Flutter post about queasiness and what to expect.

Check the other blog posts for FAQs. Post questions on the forum!

Things you absolutely need to know:

Put it in the refrigerator.

If either you just made your Bravo or you got some prepared in the mail:

It must remain refrigerated. It is good for about 2 weeks. (maybe longer)

unless it is is Miron glass. Then it is good for 4 weeks. Because its cultured,

if you accidentally leave it out, it should be okay.

Don't ingest the powder.

The powder must be cultured into the liquid yogurt form. Here is how!

You can make a second generation.

After taking Bravo for 4 months and experimenting, I recommend staying with

first generation if you can. However, if you have financial need, it is an option.

The powder must be cultured into the liquid yogurt form then the yogurt form

can be used to make more. Here is how!

The reason we don't culture out to second generation is that this ratio of probiotics

is specific in order to get GcMAF. The various strains over time, eat each other

which changes the formula, taste and effectiveness.

Coat your gut slowly.

It takes a few days to get your gut fully coated.

If you have an acidic condition in your gut, maybe longer so go slower.

If want to jump in hard and start at a high dose. (I tried that @ 4 TBS lost my lunch)

Read Shimmer and Flutter post about queasiness and what to expect.

Keep the Light on!

Keeping the light means keep taking Bravo. Read more here.

If you don't understand what it gives you, do your research at What is GcMAF?

There is only one way to find out. Go for it!

Long Version:

Basically Bravo and your gut tissue are SUPPOSED TO work together. They were always supposed to work together but something happened. A protein got damaged (more like blocked) at the time of illness, pollution, and possibly vaccinations. These environmental issues have shut down our movement. (For more information about how nagalase interfers with our vitamin D production and how the protein GcMAF makes a workaround for that system, see What is GcMAF? and

The Bravo GcMAF and your gut tissue begin to move together, like a dance in the very best way. It creates movement where there was none before. If you don't get this movement, you need to work on the diet. Many foods, absolutely stop our movement. Sugar is one of the big ones. Your gut needs to be free to move and have feelings. Things that stop our feelings including us will stop our health and must be restored to natural levels.

The Bravo assisting your movement and restoring your micro-biome as a factory, together they restore the Vit D metabolism, the immune system, the lymph system and the hormonal/glandular system (and much more) into working order. It even helps us to digest, to assimulate our foods, supplements, and work our emotions and body's processors.

This new movement you are feeling is going to be a bit dramatic unless you start slowly! As you are swept around the ball room, you are like Lucy O'Ball, pretending to go with it but your gut tissue isn't at all used to it. Ha ha. Until you get established and begin to get into it and GO WITH IT, it can be awkward. It doesn't take long. Maybe 2 days. If you go too fast you will get queasy. You could even get nauceous.

After the few days it takes to coat your gut lining, you will feel secure. Take it every day. If you skip a week, you will definately have to start all over again. But that's better than not taking it. All the action from Bravo is like getting started. Once you are up, it is terrific. I was saying things like to myself like, "Look at me, I didn't get overwhelmed and just did that task." and "Wow, look at me stand up for myself in a new way." and "Wow, that throat infection has left my throat lymph and it is on its way down my neck into the larger lymph nodes."

I am getting better on many levels! I have been taking Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt for about 3 1/2 months now. I can speak for myself and my clients that started with me, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on illnesses and emotional repression. I am currently taking under an ounce (sloppy pouring) two times per day. I am done with making gen 2. I deserve Gen 1 all the time. My cautious husband has taken to wanting his Bravo. I am really surprised how he has cozied up to it! He notices the difference between Gen 2 as well. I am at that decision point where I tried Gen 2 - 4. (threw away gen 4, it was a waste of milk) I will hold at the level of Gen 1 for myself.

Keep the Light on! Keep the Bravo going. It won't disappoint.

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