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How does Bravo create health?

The Bravo Living Probiotic creates health by creating a human micro-biome in the gut, which is flora! It is the abundance of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Everyone needs this refreshment! Bravo Living Probiotic is just that. I have never felt this from culturing my own probiotics at home, which I have done for years. It calms, activates the systems, (including the immune system), and turns on the cellular power. It calms the brain, gives it protection, and leads the way (LONG TERM) to better decisions and less stress.

I love this product because it helps people who are absolutely exhausted to get back on their feet. It does this by actively reestablishing something that has been lost through our life-style, taking antibiotics, and our urban diet; our gut's essential nutrient factory which makes the things we need to be energized, keep clean internally, and keep things moving inside and out.

The Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt is a champion. When my kids were in High School, that's when Sean White was the Rock Star of the Olympics. The local magazine came out with an article that says, "Sean White is just like your teenager. NOT!" In this same way Bravo GcMAF is not like your ordinary probiotic!

Now you and your kids can be MORE LIKE Sean's champion energy with Bravo. Clear up their skin, get their brains working better. Why just them? Encourage the Human Micro-Biome to manufacture GcMAF and other things that it needs to turn on the powerful systems that get shut down by inhibitors.

For more exact information about the history and usage of GcMAF, see more here: For live support, call us for a paid session or post on the Forum on this site.

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