What milk should we use?

Use the best quality of milk that you can come by. It needs to be mammal milk not rice milk or almond milk. Do not use ultrapasturized milk which damages the proteins. Stay with the most natural, simple milk you can buy.

You don't need to go "over the top" or let it stump you. This isn't milk we are making. It isn't yogurt.

It isn't a probiotic. We are going after GcMAF which is all about proteins. It is the proteins that we are after. Ultra pasteurized milk has damaged proteins. After that, it is up to you. Just get the best you can and move on. You can correct as you go.

How we make Bravo

We make our Bravo prepared from fresh goat and cows milk. Picking up from the farm when they have availablilty. There is not enough goat's milk for every body. There is always enough cow's milk.

The farmer said that goat's milk is in smaller fatty units and easier to digest. He also told me that the raw milk would/could/should will stay "good" for 2 weeks.

We heat the milk to 162 degrees for 15 seconds to remove competing bacteria. We cool it to 110 degrees, put the powder in and culture it at 100 degrees (oven light bulb) for about 12 hours. (more in the winter when the ambient temperature is chilly)