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How is Bravo different from what I am taking?

The micro biome is being established by a "formula".

That means if you are taking additional yogurt or probiotics you are adding to the ingredients.

What they found in a study is that taking the dry powder of probiotics did not effect the

HIV in Tansenia (see youtube talk Third Brain Ruggiero)

That means that Bravo is more powerful.

Should I refrain from other yogurt . . . and probiotics?


Your yogurt will have an effect on the micro biome.

It will throw off the action of the “formula” that the scientists have worked hard to create.

The answer is also, No.

If you have it in small amounts, as a food, it won’t dilute the micro biome

that is farther than the stomach. It will dilute the work in the stomach slowing

it down. Which defeats the purpose of spending money to have it.

I am still working to clear viruses from my stomach wall

after 8-9 months of Bravo.

It looks like in my experience, you don’t want to be taking other yogurt or

probiotics. You have it covered.

You can however, make a second generation of Bravo and use that

as your yogurt. Beware of taking too much and getting a Herk reaction.

(Too much toxin leaving the body at one time)

If you are taking the right amount of protein, are working with a practitioner,

and know how to slow down a detox, I would say you are fine to

increase the amount of Bravo Gen 2 in your system as “food”.

Lets talk apples to apples:

You know what probiotics are right? And you know what 10 year old kids are right?

Bottled probiotics (even cultured in milk) are more like your average 10 year old.

Bravo GcMAF Living Probiotic is a champion of probiotics. Far beyond what we know.

Here is Shawn White at 10 years old. He isn't like your 10 year old or any you know.

He is a champion! How do I know? I observed it.

Watch Shawn White for a few frames and you will know too.

Then imagine Bravo doing it's job as a champion in your body!

Bravo GcMAF Living Probiotic Yogurt isn't like any probiotic you know!!

Bravo GcMAF Living Probiotic Yogurt is a champion!!

This product is stronger than regular probiotics! It is very active and you will feel queasy the first time you take it so start at 1/4 tsp and work up slowly.

Plus, do the math, it is way cheaper than buying probiotics in pill form that have billions and billions. This is way more effective inside you because it is cultured and when activated you take it. The product is cheaper than regular probiotics and doesn't compare even if you culture them.

We give you directions on how to regenerate, one time, a second generation to make another liter with a little TLC. You will need to buy some powdered Colostrum and we have some in our store called Bravo Colostrum.

Why is this a fantastic version of probiotics? First, culturing in milk activates them from their freeze dried status. This is a high end product, which means it has specific strands that only come in the Professional Grade that only practitioners can buy. That is why it comes in two different vials. To keep the species from invading each other. That is also why you can't keep regenerating batches continuously.

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