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Give the " Gift of Health" to anyone needing some refreshment!

This gift basket is everything you need to give yourself a one month supply of Living Probiotic. (including 2nd Generation) All you need to add is milk. All instructions are included and on blog. The jar has been sterilized.

Use - Med Box shipping

Bravo Living Probiotic Powder - (Single Size - Enough to make 2 of the 2 cup  jars included)
Miron Glass 1/2 Liter Violet Glass for Charging Super Foods
Bravo Protocol - A combination of minerals and herbs for stability and cleansing
Colostrum Powder - This is used when making a second generation. It feeds it
Customize your basket! Buy items separately, add a note @ checkout, and choose "Medium Box" shipping.

Bravo has been especially designed to turn on the body's power, immune system and smooth muscle movement which has been shut down due to environmental issues. It is very active and very helpful to maintaining a healthy micro-biome in your body. See blog "What is GcMAF?"

Bravo Gift Basket

  • We cannot honor returns or refunds for any reason. We can't control the heat of the trucks, the temperature of your front porch, etc. This is a living probiotic and needs to be refrigerated once you receive it. Please let us know if you have any questions about our return policy. 

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