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  • insite7
    Sep 20, 2017

    Can you make already made fresh farm yogurt into GcMAF yogurt?
  • heiressarts
    Sep 25

    Message Hello Mimi! I just ordered another Starter Pack. About 6 weeks to 2 months ago, I ran out of my prepared Bravo. (It was when I wrote you that I had contaminated a batch and it smelled of yeast.) Well, in a big hurry packing, I forgot about what was wrong with my starter that I intended to bring on vacation. Specifically, I absent mindedly scooped some good yogurt into a sterilized container but with a kitchen knife that I had just used to slice cheddar cheese! I didn't think it mattered. Instead of throwing it away, I kept it. Then, my husband and I went on vacation and I tried to make a batch with my starter. Of course it also smelled like yeast/cheese. I think I wrote to you about not having a warm enough temperature and the yeast problem. Nevertheless, I didn't throw it out and instead refrigerated it. Then, a few days later, the refrigerator went out! So, my husband dragged it outside to be picked up. What I didn't tell him was that my yogurt was still inside. (Why upset him, right?) Well, after a 24 hrs. in the warmth of the unplugged fridge outside in over 100 degrees, apparently the Bravo cultures started to balance out. It had been at the right temperature and no longer smelled like yeast. It smelled like good Bravo yogurt. I decided to taste it. Then, I placed it in the new refrigerator thinking, good! I saved the whole batch. Alas, the next day, it smelled like yeast again so this time I discarded it. Here is the funny thing. After eating about a teaspoon twice, I was sitting in a chair and thought I felt a tickle deep in my left ear. Then, I heard something that sounded being in a hotel and hearing someone finishing taking a shower on the other side of a wall and the water noisily, slurpily draining out. I actually looked at the wall behind me and out the window to see if it was raining. Well, for several minutes in total fascination, I listened to my own ear's Eustachian tube clearing from the power of gravity. It was cool. I think the reason it worked so fast was that the Bravo was at a higher concentration of probiotics and the fact that I had already been on a Bravo regimen for several months. I'm convinced it truly works. I told you before the story about how the first time I had a let down response. I thought my husband had opened a horrible toxic can of auto paint in the bedroom, but it was from fumes I had inhaled at a car paint shop six weeks earlier! Wow. We were just in Daytona Beach Sand n Surf resort, and I told another owner about Bravo and it coming from Christmas, Florida. She was very interested and I think she will order, too. Well, sorry for "bending your ear" for so long! Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful Labor Day and God Bless You Athena
  • Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
    2 days ago

    Answer We are going to make this thing!!!! Oh yeah! Gather utensils: stirring and tasting spoons (tasting spoons are to taste the yogurt after it has been cultured) spatula thermometer (can be any type of thermometer, you need this to measure the temp of the boiling milk AND to measure the temp of the yogurt to ensure it reaches the optimal 95 degrees for culturing) measuring cup for milk pyrex vessel to heat milk (does not have to be pyrex, this is what you are going to be putting inside the boiling pot of water, AFTER YOU STERILIZE everything. pot of boiling water (this is to sterilize your utensils & then you will need to use the boiling water to heat the milk) foil to cover pyrex (this is to put on your yogurt while culturing, you want air flow but not too much to let bacteria in. You would put the foil over the bowl after you finish boiling the milk, mixing in the powder, and it is ready to culture) Gather ingredients: Milk (the only rule for milk is that it is not ultra pasteurized. We have a blog post on our "Blog" page) Starting powder (the 3 packages, Bifidobacteria and yeast (small white envelope), Lactobacillia (foil packet) and Colostrum (large white envelope.) Directions: Sterilize utensils and pyrex bowl by boiling 15 mins. (All new BravoCoop jars have been sterilized by boiling. Caps will melt so boil only for a few mins!) You simply boil the water and place all utensils and the bowl/jar that you are going to use to culutre your Bravo in. Plastic will melt in boiling water, please be aware. Don't leave the plastic in for long, just swish it around. Using a 1 pack, put the 4.25 cups of milk into a double boiler or pan. Place your milk in a pyrex bowl inside a pot with boiling water. It is basically the concept of a double boiler if you do not have one at home. Use your thermometer to measure when the milk gets to 162 degrees. Or if no thermometer, until small bubbles start to first rise at sides. Cool the milk down for 10 mins in ice bath or let it sit until 95 degrees. Skim off the skin that has formed. (once or twice) Mix the 3 packets of powder, in a small cup with a bit of milk, working out the lumps. Put the vessel of milk to “culture” at 95 degrees with a stable heat source in oven with light on calibrated for 100 (open door with a wooden spoon) proofing setting or warming drawer on oven (test it with a thermometer first) in a yogurt machine calibrated for 100 degrees Using insulation to maintain heat. Such as thermos, cooler, foam. Culture it covered with a loose cover. Foil, cheese cloth, glass lids loosely laid, even silicone covers but is should have some gas exchange for the culturing process. 95 degrees for 12 hours OR between 70-85 degrees for 24 to 48 hours Refrigerate After a few hours of chilling, I transfer it into Miron glass. Lasts for 2 - 21/2 weeks in normal storage vessels or 4 weeks in Miron glass jar. For the manufacture's brochure, click on this link.

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