Customer Relations Rep
Jul 5, 2017

What a change!


"Hi, just want to let you know my grand son 15 years old with autism we added to his dietary supplement Bravo and his life has taken a change for the better, he is much calmer his teacher says he has changed. Thank you for affordable products."

Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
Sep 3, 2017

You are welcome. It is awesome to hear this news about your grandson. Good job!

New Posts
  • Customer Relations Rep
    Sep 3, 2017

    "It seems like the new kits (3 packages instead of two)turned yeastier sooner than the old kits.  My mother lasted almost a month with the old kits.   So, I followed directions to divide each envelop into 4 parts.  I only make 1 cup of mother and its so much less yeastier.  And it lasts 3 weeks, during which I make 3 second generation batches.  Much better and less expensive."
  • Admin
    Jun 8, 2017

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