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New! Bravo Concentrate in Capsules.


Do you have major milk allergies?  Do you travel? (making yogurt a bit unreasonable?) Have someone who "can't take the taste"?


If you can. . . the yogurt with it's live matrix is still your BEST option. When it isn't practical or doesn't work for some reason, the concentrate capsule will be there to back us up.  Keep some on hand!


Bravo-Europe (Switzerland) is now making a new form of Bravo Probiotic Yogurt.  It is called "Bravo Concentrate".  It is made by simply making the yogurt and then drying it into a powder. It has an "enteric resistant" capsule which resists the stomach acid.  The yogurt version seems to apply well to the gut, however, this cap offers something a bit different. It applies Bravo lower than the stomach if that is where you need it!  


Open the capsule (or take yogurt) and mix it with your saliva.  Hold it in your mouth for a few minutes and then swallow. Put Bravo where and when you want it with Bravo Concentrate. 


We generally make and take "GcMAF Living Yogurt" which is always best.  The live matrix is very responsive and coats immediately and much more fully.  We measure the "Bravo Concentrate in "yogurt value" as if we are taking regular yogurt.  

Dr. Ruggiero recommends 4 oz as the maximum daily dosage. The 8 TBS Bravo Concentrate Caps is the maximum daily dosage. Therefore 1 cap per day is the recommended dosage for maximum impact. However, the amount of yogurt taken should be built up to this level to prevent detoxification back-up. When starting Bravo, it is necessary to build up slowly due to it’s ability to shimmer the tissue and expel toxins. The more you take, the more you shimmer and the more toxins are released. Further, it is recommended that Bravo Protocol Caps should be taken with Bravo. Bravo Protocol Caps have an herb that sweeps the toxins into the lymph. Bravo Protocol Caps Xtra has the same but also has a plunger effect to keep the lymph/spleen clear when it gets backed up. To improve the detoxification system it is recommended that you don’t introduce toxins through your food. The Dr. recommends vegetables and clean protein and oils in small meals through out the day. Even if you think yourself or your client has a clean body, it is prudent when beginning, that each person work up to and find their right dosage. The maximum is not right for everyone. It depends on their ability to detoxify. (We recommend the Bravo Concentrate Start-Up Kit - sold separately or the yogurt in spoons according to preference.) All Bravo Concentrate Caps come in enteric coated capsules which helps to resist the stomach acid and to pass through the stomach and duodenum without dissolving. It’s target is most often the beginning of the small intestine. Therefore using this product will help establish a micro-biome in the small intestine, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenals and lower diaphragm. To focus the micro-biome with fast action on the upper Gastro-Intestinal track, use the prepared yogurt or make your own by using starter powder. The upper track has more food sensors for discernment and tasting. Therefore, you may be more aware of the yogurt’s action in this area. This area is also a “high need” area with the nerves, senses, brain, lungs, thyroid and thymus. If you know someone who is “senseless” or making mistakes, the yogurt can help reconnect the senses and balance. To focus the micro-biome with fast action on the reproductive area, colon and bladder, use the suppositories or an enema bulb to insert yogurt into the entry of the rectum. Building a micro-biome in the area could help in digestion, reproductive hormone balance, and the water/elimination through kidneys and bladder.


We are dedicated to getting these products in affordable ways that let us help to heal ourselves.


Bravo Concentrate is not available on the stock order.

Bravo Concentrate Capsules 4oz/8Tbsp

  • We cannot honor returns or refunds for any reason. We can't control the heat of the trucks, the temperature of your front porch, etc. This is a living probiotic and needs to be refrigerated once you receive it. Please let us know if you have any questions about our return policy. 

  • Starting slow is important because at first, you will be building your detoxifcation system and opening your detox pathways and channels. At the same time, you will be releasing toxins and emotional energy gently and easily. Drink lots of water. Do not try to stop the flow of toxins and emotions out by eating when you get uncomfrotable. This will go against your goal of getting better! The release is supported by the way you eat with small meals of vegetables and protein every couple of hours.


    Taking the Bravo should make you feel great. You should want to stay on it.

    If you feel too busy and pushed, you may be taking too much. The Bravo you take will begin to shimmer and clean. If there is too much going on, take less. You will feel better. Less toxins to respond to.  


    If you are taking too little, you will want more wind in your sails. It all takes time so please, enjoy the process. Make sure you feel great, digest what you eat and fill yourself with the vitamins and minerals you need from the dark green leafy vegetables, clean oils high in olaic acid, take 1000 IU's of Vitamin D3, D2 and some K2 if possible.


    As you take the concentrate, remember that yogurt is faster acting because it is already hydrated and ready to respond. The concentrate takes longer to integrate but it will get there. This requires some patience on your part. Like growing a plant.


    It cools the body function and nerves, makes things clearer, more confident and more efficient by building up in supportive ways in your body. You will experience the world around you through brighter eyes as you feel better.  


    Come to the Tuesday Night Teleconference if you want help from others with experience.



    Lots of water

    Green vegetables

    Cut out the carbs and burn oils (no sugars or grains)

    Let the emotions come up and out

    A little trust that its a good thing and let it go.

    Listen to your body

    Enjoy that you are feeling better.  Feel great!!

    Leave the Light on!

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