Sep 20, 2017

Already made fresh farm yogurt?


Can you make already made fresh farm yogurt into GcMAF yogurt?

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  • Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
    Oct 14

    Mimi is available for customer service. She is not a medical doctor. She loves helping people to get clear on how to make and take Bravo. She is available in the forum. Post your questions in the area of your topic. By using the forum, we establish reusable and searchable information. For those times that you need email:
  • Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
    Sep 3, 2017

    The best thing to do is put your order in through the website. Your first line of customer support and service is to contact Melissa at the order desk. 321-747-5177 (text if possible) Melissa's available hours are 10 AM to 3 PM EST

    Please, Consult your doctor before using any products or instructions found within this site.

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