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Sep 3, 2017

Do the capsules also have the GCMAF and are they the same po


Neither the yogurt or the caps technically have GcMAF. All of the above methods have the essential ingredients to create a live micro biome who then produces the GcMAF. It is that essential micro biome that we are building and the doctor’s formula of ratios that we are protecting. To me, it seems like we need to continue to feed and replenish it. If I stop taking it, it slowly fades based on my diet. I observe mostly when I travel or run out for a few days. Our bodies are big! It takes a lot of product to fill all the places and get between the nerves and connective tissue, etc. I find that the yogurt is always working. No worries about that. Just don’t let it die like house plants and pets by not feeding it and providing what it needs. I consider replenishing it when I take more because it has the food in it, (colostrum) and the housing (probiotics) and the cute little beneficials. Again, my experience is that the Yogurt has it all and is readily available. It will go in and start homesteading right away. The capsules have to rehydrate and come alive which it does but it takes a while. I experience the capsules as a “brightening” through my middle . (Pancreas, gall bladder, small intestines, bottom of the duodenum and diaphragm. I experience how happy my body is to have this interaction and the fade when I don’t take the capsules. I started the yogurt a year and a half before the capsules came out so if my gut was going to fill up, it would have already. Taking the capsules was like turning on a new room in my body which had not seen Bravo before. I hope the helps. It’s an amazing feeling to be brightened!!! I won’t stop taking the yogurt. I also take some Non dairy bravo at times. I am experimenting now to measure if it reduces inflammation. In terms of potency, the caps can have different potencies. We don’t want to overwhelm a new area and it seems that each place I use it, it starts a new colony so the rules apply but only in terms of how it detoxifies.

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