Customer Relations Rep
Jul 5, 2017

Is the Bravo capsule form just as effective?


Edited: Jul 5, 2017

"Making the yogurt seems pretty complex.  I read that you have Bravo in capsule form, does it have the same efficacy?"


Customer Relations Rep
Jul 5, 2017

The enteric coated Bravo Concentrate Caps speed past the stomach acid for delivery to the area of the pancreas, small intestine, liver, tubes of the digestive system, the stomach and even the spleen and kidneys getting it coated, cleaned, and brightened more quickly than yogurt alone.

The Bravo Concentrate holds the complete action and nutrition pattern of Bravo GcMAF yogurt in capsule form and is made from prepared Bravo GcMAF Yogurt which is dried at a low temperature and it is not from starter powders mixed together. It can stay stable without refrigeration making it great for travel.

For me, I feel brighter! It is like the lights "turned on" in that area and I had no idea how much my pancreas needed attention and how quickly it cleared up after years of not tolerating any sugars! 


Hope this helps!

Nov 5

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Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
Nov 5

Yes! The capsules are enteric coated. They get through the stomach acid and open in the duodenum area serving small intestine, pancreas, diaphragm and gall bladder. It has been very helpful for me, however, it is not the same as cool, insulating yogurt in the esophagus, thyroid, mouth, teeth nerves, roof of the mouth, etc. The capsules give me a very different place to expand into. It was VERY helpful for me when I traveled. I took 4 strong capsules per day, when I went to Bali. I knew it was one of those areas where you don’t want to “drink the water”. It definitely gave me immune system, contained the issue and helped me recover but didn’t protect me from the foreign microbes which came in everywhere.

(even though I avoided water on all situations).

My review: Capsules are a great travel companion, great to heal the tired pancreas and sins of a sugary childhood! I love my capsules.

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    Jul 5, 2017

    "Out of all the materials I have looked at on this site and some others, I can't seem to find where it says how much GcMAF is actually in the products?"

    Please, Consult your doctor before using any products or instructions found within this site.

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