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Jul 5, 2017

Non-Dairy Bravo Question

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"How can I tell if our NDB non-dairy has fermented properly? It tastes like sugar water...not what I expected fermented to be like."


Has anyone else expereinced this? Help is always welcome.

Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
Sep 3, 2017

There is definately a subtle yet cultured taste when the Non-Dairy Bravo is cultured properly. Try keeping it slightly warm when you culture it. Below is a description of how I taste how its done. But

this is for dairy Bravo. See if you can use this to adapt it to the Non-Dairy.


Taste Method


I taste the yogurt to know when the yogurt is done if especially if something looks different about my batch.


Underdone yogurt will have a taste of “raw milk”.


Done is silky, cultured and smooth.  

* It is much like a custard and needs to have the center set without the sides getting too hard.  This can be done with a shape (like tall/thin and slender) so there isn't too much in the middle to get stalled.

* Gradually the raw milk is overcome by the cultured taste. This is the peak of excellence where the culturing should stop and it should be refrigerated.

Overdone yogurt, turns a bit sour as the yeast begins to over-grow.  Use less time next time.




Find the perfection by tasting it. Write down your culture time and temperature for next time.  


Adjust the temperature and or time for

* outside ambient temperature

* volume of yogurt being cultured

* Seasonal temperatures


Intermediate Protocol


Ready to try something else?


A very nice “intermediate” method for a batch is to let the yogurt “culture” for 93 degrees till done at 12 hours.

Then unplug or discontinue the heat and let it slowly cool down for about 4 hours before being refrigerated.


The cultures don’t all do best at the same heat. This lets all the cultures have fun and come to fruition.


If the idea stresses you, stay with the beginners until you want more.

Write again for the advanced protocol when you feel ready.



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    Jul 5, 2017

    "Out of all the materials I have looked at on this site and some others, I can't seem to find where it says how much GcMAF is actually in the products?"

    Please, Consult your doctor before using any products or instructions found within this site.

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