Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
Sep 3, 2017

Take the action where it's needed!


Suppositories - Taking a suppository brings Bravo GcMAF action to the colon, bladder and reproductive system which can harbor low grade infection. Bravo Coop offers different strengths in the suppositories to help you find the right daily level for you.


For me, the suppositories seemed to transform this area into a lighter and more breathable feeling. Also, I felt the whole colon, duodenum, stomach, esophagus, and soft palette feel more connected and awake. I even experienced an increase in being able to taste my food!


I went from not liking the idea of suppository use, to not wanting to miss this wonderful experience!

    Please, Consult your doctor before using any products or instructions found within this site.

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