Aug 1, 2017

Bravo for Lyme


Hi, my daughter is fighting Lyme Disease. She will be on antibiotics for the foreseeable future. Our doctor recommended using Bravo. Does anyone know how best to do this. I assume I should try to distance the timing between antibiotics and Bravo....any ideas?

Mimi, Bravo Coop Owner
Sep 3, 2017

Cynthia, You may want to consider giving your daughter Bravo Yogurt topically while she is using antibiotics. The people who use it topically say that they have all the same benefits as us yogurt takers!

Using is on the skin can give you all the good results, it will most likely detoxify the skin and you can resume oral application after the antibiotics.

Oct 23

Diseases are too bad that they are sometimes fatal to the person. All around the globe this site is used as a reference to this disease so that you grab much awareness.

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  • Catherine Norton
    Sep 3, 2017

    SIBO is a condition of bactetial overgrowth in the small intenstine, so I'm oncerned that probiotics would make overgrown bacteria get more out of control. I've read that probiotics and prebiotics are in fact often not recommended for SIBO. How might this product be appropriate?
  • Customer Relations Rep
    Jul 5, 2017

    "Out of all the materials I have looked at on this site and some others, I can't seem to find where it says how much GcMAF is actually in the products?"
  • Customer Relations Rep
    Jul 5, 2017

    "Is there a faster way to get a friend on GcMAF or this? He's got a tumor in his throat blocking it and three others and really needs to start ASAP. I know a bit about Goleic and GcMAF but I've only learned of this today, Friday of course, glad I did though, so any direction as to a doc who can start it or where one can obtain these would be greatly appreciated. He's at the Mayo Clinic and we live in Alaska, so he's down south already. "

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