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Feeding the Microbiome

Feeding the micro-biome has been a curious process. My gut and my micro-biome are very specific about what they want.

This is Mimi. I have been a sensitive and empath since I was born. Then I trained my skills in both

psychology, attitudes, Chinese medicine and energy medicine. I have trained for at least 30 years honing my sensitivities.

In the 70's I could put my hand on someone and know what they were feeling. I could know where their pain was. After that, I could back my hand off, and still feel things.

In the 80's I could put my hands on a picture of someone and know what was going on with them. That was a step removed. Later in the 80's I could do it with their hand writing analysis. I have been doing handwriting analysis for businesses doing team building. Handwriting Analysis offered many features of behavior and deep blocks and issues that are difficult to see from the "inside".

In the 90's I spent my time mostly inside tuning myself to spirit, training myself to take one step in front of the other and lighting my way with Spiritual energy! I was also raising babies, a teen ager and a 90 year old grandma. Hands full! In 1996 I moved to California and a delightful array of people!

In the 2000's I was dedicating myself to spiritual service. Increasing my outward abilities and skills.

Still walking the Light Filled Path. I moved to Encinitas, CA and started my post-children practice.

Helping to clear negativity from the field that pulls people down and pulls the energy out of them.

I tell you all this because I have developed the skills to know what works and what doesn't. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you or you and your doctor (or you and my partner who is a homeopath and licensed physical in Europe) what will work and they can look at it physically to make sure that all works for you based on your current conditions.

At any rate, you start with the basic diet. Take yourself off the "Standard American Diet" and get your body into a more healthy diet for you. We work with all kinds of diets. Again, everyone is different.

What I have found is that even in the same person, the diet is different! If it is clearing a bacteria, the micro-biome often calls for hot greens like seaweed. Where as, when it is clearing a virus, it wants more broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts. But the diet alone doesn't do it. The diet and the micro-biome with an activated immune system, that is what does it.

If you have any Applied Kinesiology skills, that would be helpful to you as a start. You will want to learn how to communicate with your body to learn what it needs.

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