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Preparing to Prepare Bravo Probiotic!

BEGINNERS! IF this is all too much, go to the "EASY WAY" listed below at the end of this page

ADVANCED: To download the Bravo-Europe instruction booklet - click here

Gathering tools,

measuiring cup

glass bowl or double boiler


spatcula to scrape out the remaining yogurt

pinchers to get hot things out of boiling water

spoons to mix and taste

maybe a funnel to put into jars.

Making a practice run

make sure that you can get the bowl out of the boiling water!



The purist way is to not use a yogurt machine! I know! But this yogurt machine will work if you adjust a few things. .


Things you will need:

1. ME72 yogurt machine

2. 1/2 liter Miron Glass jar

3. 1/2 pack of Bravo GcMAF starter

4. The best milk you can find, (Not ultra-pasteurized)

If your milk is raw, you will probably want to heat it to level the bacterial count to keep your product in line. This isn't about raw milk enzymes, or yogurt, or probiotic although it is all of them. It is about produceing the GcMAF.

You don't have to heat pasturized milk but you can if you want to.

1. Plug in the ME72 Yogurt maker

2. Fill the jar with milk about half way (so you can get the starter powder and mix it really well)

3. Put in the starter powder - Both part A and part B

4. Mix thorougly (shaking is okay)

5. Fill up the rest of the jar with milk. Shake again to make it consistent

6. Put the plastic cup that comes with the machine into the bottom of yogurt maker to protect the jar from the heating element

5. Leave the jar in for about 12 hours

You will know when its done because it will taste silky and cultured. If it is under done, it will have a

taste of raw milk. If it is over done, it will start to taste more sour. (but it is still fine to use)


Keeping the heat down to between 70-85 degrees is most potent. I don't recommend starting there or if you do, go very slowly, know how to slow down your detoxification. This won't happen if you go slowly or it won't happen if you don't push yourself. Just hold through the process gracefully and get out of the way as you let go.

The European directions say "Do not use a yogurt machine". That's because most European machines get up to 110 degrees! Thats like having a fever for the body to kill bacteria. NO NO!!

Keep the temperature around body temperature. The ME72 does that. It is the EASIEST WAY.

When using the ME72 or any yogurt machine, AT FIRST YOU WILL NEED TO CALIBRATE YOUR MACHINE. I found that I needed to put insulation under the bowl or jar to buffer and difuse the heat coming from the element. It shouldn't get to hot.

With the ME72 I stuffed a silicone hot plate in the machine because I figured it would be heat resistant. I ended up using a block of 3" styrofoam under my jar to stop the heat from conducting into the bottom. It just warms the jar using ambient heat making the perfect culture. Keeping the temp down and makes more potent.

Send your ideas to BravoCoop on facebook.

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