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Prepared Bravo - It's journey to you!

Are you wondering what happens to your Prepared Bravo Probiotic? In this post you will learn

The timing

the shipping schedule

The limits of the culture range

And how we do our best to help your Prepared Bravo Probiotic get into your hands safely.

The Timing

We make our Bravo immediately after we pick up fresh milk. It is milked that day. The process needs to culture for about 12 hours so we do this after dinner. 7 PM the milk it heated, cooled, powder is mixed in and it goes into the oven with the light on.

At 7AM the next morning, it is checked and left in if it needs to be. It needs to be done by noon. (If it wants to sleep in) because it needs 2 hours of refrigeration minamally to stop the culturing process and send it on its way.

The cut off at the Post Office to make the trip out to the airport is 4PM. However, they mark the shipping log a few minutes after 5 PM. We don't take it to the post office until a few minutes before 4 PM.

Once the product is ready and refrigerated. We go to the freezer where our ice packs, foil and jar have been sterilized, labeled, packed and frozen. Although we can't freeze the Bravo, we have found that a frosty mug is just the thing to calm it down and send it on it's journey.

The post office has not been late on any deliveries. They have two zones and they are either 12 or 3 PM that your package will arrive. For the sake of ease, I just say it will be there by 3 PM. However, you can check your tracking number which is a USPS tracking number.

That's about it on the story of timing.

The Dairy

What is important to remember is that we don't have an unlimited supply of milk at the farm.

We have goat's milk and we have cow's milk. If you have a preference, let us know. It might delay the order if we don't have a schedule. All of this is in process. I realized that when approaching an animal for thier milk, one needs to be divinely receptive. I practice that at the farm. I also bring the animals green scraps from the organic garden. I am appreciative that I am not a farmer.

The Culture Range

The yogurt can be out of the refridgerator for a total of 48 hours. We culture it for 12. Then it is cold until we go to the post office but it is on ice remember? At some point during the trip, it might become room temp. If so, you have another bit of time to get it into the refrigerator when you receive it. 4PM to 3 PM. That's 24 hours. But some of it is cold right?

If your order is delayed because the post office doesn't deliver for a holiday or they stuck it in the door you don't use and didn't know it was there, you are going to probably be okay! We just don't want that happen.

Shipping Package:

We use 3 small ice packs around the Miron Glass jar. The Miron glass jar is a "charging jar" which means energy is added, not leaked in its journey. (see blog post on Miron glass) Then, the whole thing is wrapped up into bubble wrap and put in the freezer with the jar in it because we want the ice to conform with the jar and we want the jar to be a frosty mug!

When the culture is taken out of the refrigerator to be prepared for shippment, we put saran wrap over the mouth of the jar to prevent spillage and we poke a hole in it for a sterilized silicone funnel.

The yogurt is delivered to its vessel, top put on tight and the bundle is taped up to create a cocoon.

Then it is wrapped in a padded envelope and taped tight for insulation and put in another padded envelope which has the shipping on it.

It will help everyone if you leave a review. Wouldn't you like to read candid reviews? I love them. I learn lots about a product before I invest. Please be one of those that brings the information forward to those who are hungry to know.

We want our farm fresh Prepared Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt to slip from our loving hands to yours and have an outstanding effortless experience.

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