Do I have to keep taking Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt forever?

The short answer is yes. You will want to take the Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt consistantly over time. Keeping your body in good form to make GcMAF takes effort. If your diet is stable, and you are eating small meals of dark green leafy vegetables and proteins and you are feeding your body and your Bravo micro-biome properly. You will get good results. Not all of your next few months will feel good if you are releasing nasty stuff. Right? Breath through it!! The light at the end of the tunnel is better than you could imagine!

Next your smooth muscles, intestines, blood vessels, pelvic walls, etc. should be strong! That means getting minerals from the dark green in vegetables, not eating things that create inflammation and make your gut weaker. Things that cause inflammation are nuts (Omega 6 oil), wheat (harvested using Round-Up to save machinery), white sugar (a drug! Total nerve inflammation causing arthritis, carpel tunnel, neuropathy, and constipation on many levels).

Your bowels should be clean, clear, and in shape to do their business and receive your new Bravo micro-biome. (Try 10 sit ups to test your core strength) You will be using these muscles to move out the waste and toxins of old. Even if you have been moving old waste and detoxifying for years and years like we have! Shouldn't that be enough?

No! Not yet. You see the GcMAF is a "work-around" for the Nagalase which is an inhibitor. Until we learn how to remove the inhibitor, you will need to keep taking the work-around in order to provide your body with the stream of GcMAF it needs to turn on the immune system and keep things running. Until we learn how to remove the inhibitor, we are not there yet.

There is some good news!